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The Company JLC Solutions is a company that specializes in products that enable RF terminals and laser scanners to function in rugged industrial environments, refrigerated buildings or any area with extreme climatic conditions. From sub-zero freezer warehouses to searing hot steel production, from automotive to textiles, JLC Solutions products allow RF equipment to work unimpeded under the most difficult environments while protecting and securing the equipment from damage. We have taken our years of expertise in developing products for the industrial environment and expanded our product line to design and build dependable products for all laser scanner and radio frequency equipment. JLC Solutions is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia with additional facilities in Syracuse, NY and Boston, MA. The associates of JLC have more than 50 years of experience in the refrigerated warehouse, and bar code data collection equipment fields. The Products Clearhold eliminates the "Fogging" and "Freezing" on the laser scanner lens caused by temperature and humidity changes. The JLC heated scanner holder is used extensively throughout the rugged refrigerated warehouse and food production industries. The thermostatically controlled heated holder has proven itself as a reliable solution to the issues of hand-held laser scanning. Scratched lenses, damaged scanners and fogged lenses are all expensive problems that are minimized if not completely eliminated with Clearhold heated laser scanners holders. JLC's Thermotrax is a heated holder that contains all the features and advantages of Clearhold but unlike any other heated scanner holder on the market today, Thermotrax comes with an integrated cable management system. The unique system draws the scanner's cable back to the holder. The Thermotrax cable management system virtually eliminates the need to buy replacement cables due to over-extending (repeated stretching beyond the limit of the cable's length) and failures due to cable cuts and broken connection ends. The Thermotax scanner holder and cable management system stops the laser scanner from falling to the floor and being damaged or destroyed. JLC's Handheld Terminal Heater is designed to eliminate condensation and fogging on both the scanner lens and the display on most portable terminals through dual thermostatically controlled heating pads. This unique heater will also protect the terminal from damage when not in use. JLC's Scanner Holders come in various models custom to fit most scanners on the market today. All are made of tough, lightweight ABS plastic with rounded and beveled edges for ease of use and safety. All include multi-position mounting brackets for easy installation. Cablesaver is a laser scanner holder designed to protect the scanner gun and sensitive laser optics from falling and the lens from scratches. In addition the Cablesaver scanner holder adds our exclusive cable management system. This unique system draws the scanner's cable back into the holder and prevents the scanner from falling to the floor. The Cablesaver cable management system virtually eliminates the need to buy replacement cables and scanners. Scanner Chargers- JLC has designed a vehicle mounted scanner charger to securely hold the laser scanner while the battery is being charged. No battery removal required. We also have created chargers that securely hold the scanner when not in use while charging a back up battery so the operator always has a fully charged battery available. Quality The manufacturing facility that produces the JLC product line is a state of the art fabrication operation. Expert engineering along with computer assisted design and manufacturing allows JLC to produce the highest quality products coupled with unique designs at a competitive price. Today there are more than 30,000 JLC products in use in nearly 1000 facilities across the United States and more than 30 countries.




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